Exploring new ways to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in needed and desired life roles and activities

The Center for Adaptive Systems of Brain-Body Interactions (CASBBI) recognizes that improving the quality of life of individuals with disabilities requires an in-depth understanding of the biopsychosocial factors underpinning the disabling condition. CASBBI brings together scientists, engineers, health care professionals, and community stakeholders to pursue transdisciplinary fundamental research and to create translational innovations aimed at challenges related to disability. In particular, our research focuses on chronic pain, movement impairment, autism spectrum disorders, and substance use disorder.

CASBBI is led by Drs. Siddhartha Sikdar, Jim Thompson, and Lynn Gerber.




Transdisciplinary Graduate Training Program in Data-Driven Adaptive Systems of Brain-Body Interactions

The National Science Foundation recently awarded CASBBI a five-year National Research Training (NRT) grant that will cross-train graduate students in engineering, data sciences, and social sciences with the skills necessary to create fundamental research and translational innovations aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Now recruiting for our first two cohorts.
Award Abstract

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