How do we enable individuals with chronic disability to participate in needed and desired life roles and activities?

The Center for Adaptive Systems of Brain-Body Interactions (CASBBI) recognizes that improving the quality of life of individuals with disability requires an in-depth understanding of the biopsychosocial factors underpinning the disabling condition and community engagement. Thus, CASBBI brings together scientists, engineers, health care professionals, individuals with disability and their advocates to pursue the transdisciplinary research necessary to overcome barriers to maximum function and participation in life roles and activities. In particular, our research focuses on chronic pain, movement impairment, autism spectrum disorders, and substance use disorder.

CASBBI is led by Drs. Siddhartha Sikdar, Jim Thompson, and Lynn Gerber.



Wearable Ultrasound System for Robust Sensing of Muscle Activation

PI Siddhartha Sikdar and Ananya Dhawan recently received a Virginia Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund Award to develop and bring to market a wearable ultrasound system for robust sensing of muscle activation.
Award Announcement

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